Upgrading your lawn with realistic artificial grass in Modesto is an investment, so learn as much as you can about synthetic turf before starting the project. Aside from your budget, there are four other key factors that you should consider selecting the ideal artificial grass for your home.

4 Factors that Affect Artificial Grass Installation

Synthetic grass makes it possible to enjoy a beautiful, realistic-looking lawn without all the hard work that comes with maintaining its natural counterpart. Once you install artificial turf, you never have to mow, water, cut or fertilize your yard again. It will allow you to accommodate playful children, boisterous pets, backyard parties and all sorts of outdoor activities without losing its function and evergreen looks.

Turf installation is a major change to your property. As such, artificial grass installers encourage homeowners to carefully consider these four factors when choosing premium synthetic grass in Modesto, CA:

  1. Traffic and Usage

Do you have kids and pets who’ll be using the yard often? Do you regularly host outdoor get-togethers in your home? How many pieces of outdoor furniture and equipment will you place throughout your grounds? Will your turf primarily serve as a garden? Answer these questions.

Since artificial grass products are designed for specific purposes, it’s important to establish how you plan to use your synthetic turf during selection. The right one will ensure that your investment doesn’t wear out quickly and that it provides an appropriate surface for your daily activities.

  1. Pile Height

Pile height refers to how long the blade is from the tip to just above the backing. Some people assume that a longer blade equals a lusher-looking yard, which isn’t always the case. Over time, synthetic grass lawns with longer blades tend to bend and look flat, especially when they’re not brushed frequently. As such, these types of turf may not be a good choice if your yard receives a lot of traffic.

A good middle ground is a pile height of 30-37 mm. It will make your lawn look fresh and manicured without requiring as much brushing as longer blades. Of course, your final choice ultimately depends on what you want out of your yard. Seek recommendations from your artificial grass installer to find the most ideal and realistic artificial grass in Modesto for your grounds.

  1. Color

The varying shades and tones of natural grass are what make it look alive, and this applies to artificial grass as well. Choose a synthetic turf that combines different tones for a lifelike effect. Consider those with a few brown flecks to make your lawn look fuller and more natural. Avoid artificial grass that looks uniformly green, as it tends to look fake and can bring down curb appeal.

  1. Backing and Infill

The right backing and infill will ensure that your lawn stays springy, resilient and does not shrink or expand. Consider the conditions of your area before making your choice. If you live in a hot climate, for instance, then a polyurethane-backed turf is a good choice. An experienced installer can help you go over your options when it comes to backing and infill type.

Make the Best Choice with Modesto Artificial Grass

As the area’s premier installer of synthetic turf, your experts at Modesto Artificial Grass would love to help you choose the right artificial grass products for your new yard. Whether you need synthetic turf for your porch, event space, playground, pet run or outdoor putting greens in Modesto, we are the team for you. Contact us at 408-723-4954, and let’s talk about your ideas!