Wondering how to make the most of your artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA for your small backyard? When you have a tight outdoor space, executing smart designs is the key to making the most of your turf investment.

4 Ideas to Revamp Your Small Backyard with Turf

Since your space is limited, thoughtful planning with your synthetic turf expert is crucial. Here are the following ideas that can help you transform your small backyard into a functional green space using artificial grass:

  1. Combine artificial grass with ornamental plants.

Most homeowners wish to turn their back lawn into a space for relaxation. Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate with ornamental plants. Artificial turf in Modesto and brightly-colored plants create a pleasant contrast with proper placement.

When arranging ornamental plants, utilize vertical space. Grow these plants in a vertical container and hang them on brick walls, trees or on your patio. It won’t take space on the ground and keeps the lawn look bigger and colorful.

  1. Use synthetic turf for the outdoor seating area.

Consider revamping your outdoor seating area with artificial grass. Even if you only have enough room for a single couch, you can upholster it with turf for a more pleasant experience. Synthetic turf is flexible, so it’s easy to define clean lines and corners to make your seating look beautiful.

  1. Install a mini putting green with a scenic view.

Don’t let your small backyard stop you from upgrading to one of the best putting greens in Modesto. It doesn’t have to be the standard endless course in most golf courses. It can be a strip in your side yard, a minigolf corner or other unique designs that take advantage of your compact landscape.

  1. Utilize the side yard.

If you want your small backyard to look bigger, you need to use the side yard smartly. Instead of placing your garbage cans there, lay synthetic turf and start a small herbal garden using planters and hanging containers. You can also add a stone statue or a space-saving café table for your morning coffee. You will be surprised how a little square footage can make a difference to your entire lawn.

Renovate Your Small Backyard with Artificial Grass Today

Want more inspiration for your upcoming artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA? Whether you have a small backyard or expansive grounds, artificial grass will make it a more beautiful, long-lasting and functional space. For more information, call Modesto Artificial Grass at 408-723-4954 today!