Landscape edging is not considered essential for artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA. However, if you want your garden to have a streamlined, clean look, it’s highly recommended.

On its own, artificial grass massively boosts curb appeal. But adding landscape edging opens up new possibilities in garden design. If this sounds good to you, check out these five ideas for inspiration.

1. The Classic Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbing is the most common type of landscape edging. Many homeowners go for this option because it is simple yet makes for stunning backyards. It also gives the area an overall refined look.

However, it is important to consider that concrete curbing is permanent. So, before committing to this type of landscape edging, make sure that your artificial landscape plans are final.

2. Piecing Bricks Together

Brick edging is another excellent choice for artificial grass in Modesto. Bricks are perfect if you are going for an old-fashioned and rustic look.

You can separate the artificial turf edge from your flower beds using brick. Try to follow the outer edge of your plant beds. Better yet, let the professionals handle it to make sure the bricks stay in place and the design complements your landscape.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can add a rope lighting strip along the brick edging to light up your garden during the evenings.

3. Bring Logs and Wood Into Play

Wood comes in various forms, so there are countless design directions you can go with.

For example, scrap wood can be used as V-shaped garden borders for huge plants. And if you install them vertically, it makes for unique garden edging for your elevated flower beds. If your artificial turf will be installed with mostly straight edges, try using logs or sleepers.

4. Plastic Makes for Fantastic Edging

Plastic landscape edging is also a good option for artificial turf in Modesto. This material is designed for quick and easy installation. The best part is that plastic edging requires no digging.

5. Get Creative with Recyclables

If you want something more eco-friendly, you can use glass bottles, pots or pipes as landscape edging. Even the most random stuff you can find, including balls, tires or old plates, will work, too. All you need is a little bit of creativity and an open mind.

Making Landscaping Fun with Artificial Grass

Transform your home with artificial grass! Whatever design you want, synthetic turf is guaranteed to make it better with much less maintenance.