Artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA may be synonymous with landscaping, but that’s just one of the many possibilities offered by turf. You can use it for greening up virtually any part of your home. From indoor to outdoor applications, give your space a fresh, new look with these five brilliant ways to use synthetic grass!

Creative Synthetic Grass Ideas for Homes

Experienced artificial turf installers can apply synthetic grass on most surfaces, including soil, concrete, plastic, stone, wood and tile. The material can be cut into any shape or size. This versatility means there’s almost no limit to what you can do with synthetic grass. Start your home makeover with the brilliant ideas below:

1. Make a mini garden on your terrace.

Turn open urban terraces and balconies into miniature oases with artificial turf in Modesto! Growing and maintaining real grass is impractical for elevated spaces for such areas. The weight of grass and soil can also damage the structure.

Artificial grass is lightweight and weather-resistant. It doesn’t need much upkeep aside from the occasional rinse and brush. Use synthetic turf as a rug to soften your terrace flooring. Add a chair, table, and some lush potted plants, a lamp or two, and you’ve got a relaxing outdoor perch with zero hassle.

2. Use it in place of the bedroom carpet.

Infuse nature’s calming vibes into bedrooms by replacing old carpets with synthetic grass. Artificial grass feels pleasant to walk on, especially if it comes with a cushioning layer. It also absorbs sound, which gives the room a quiet and comforting ambiance.

3. Outline pavers in green.

It’s hard to grow natural grass between hardscapes since the mower can’t reach them, and they get trampled by constant foot traffic. This can make your stone pavers stand out in stark contrast to the rest of your garden.

Unify the design with artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA. Installers can cut them to fit even the narrowest spaces between pavers, allowing you to extend greenery from your backyard to the footpaths.

4. Upholster outdoor furniture with turf.

Transform plain outdoor furniture into stunning statement pieces by covering them with synthetic grass! Artificial Turf is more durable than other fabrics when exposed to the element.

Feel free to re-upholster everything from ottomans and tables to chairs, benches, and cushions.

5. Design a “live” wall.

Brighten up any room with a “live” wall made of synthetic turf. Installers use a special type of adhesive to make artificial grass stick to most wall surfaces. They can also shape it to accommodate any décor you’d like, such as wall lamps, hanging flowers, clocks and more. This creates a unique accent wall that fits many types of architecture and themes.

Refresh Your Home’s Design with Artificial Grass

Modesto Artificial Grass is your trusted source for all things synthetic turf. We offer customized landscaping solutions, error-free installation services, and realistic grass products that come with up to 15 years of warranty. Trust our team if you want the following:

• Driveways

• Courtyards

• Side yards

• Pools

• Kitchens and bathrooms

• Patios

• And more!

Aside from design applications, synthetic grass also makes exceptional dog runs, playgrounds, athletic fields and putting greens in Modesto. Call us now at 408-723-4954 to get your project started!