Synthetic grass landscapes are becoming popular because of their many benefits. Install artificial turf in Modesto, and you get a lush, green environment that doesn’t require tedious maintenance to stay in top condition. What’s more, synthetic grass installations also contribute to better health and well-being.

Health Benefits of Synthetic Grass

Installing artificial grass comes with health benefits that its natural counterpart cannot match. Most of these advantages stem from the turf’s synthetic nature and minimal upkeep requirements. They include:

  1. No Allergens

Natural lawns contain various types of pollen from the natural grass and pollinating insects. These grains permeate yards and can trigger allergic reactions from both humans and pets. Since it is artificial, synthetic turf doesn’t generate grass pollen. It is also unattractive to most pests and insects.

  1. Cushioning for Falls

Artificial grass blades are soft to the touch and provide extra padding to surfaces. Synthetic turf is perfect for playgrounds and pet runs as it can minimize scrapes, bruises and injuries during accidental falls. Synthetic grass also doesn’t get slippery when wet, effectively reducing the risk of slips in case of spills or after rainfall.

Thinking of adding a play space inside your home? Don’t worry; the best indoor artificial grass in Modesto offers the same safety benefits as its outdoor counterpart. You can let your kids and pets play on its padded surface without worries!

  1. Antimicrobial Infill

Artificial grass infill is what keeps grass blades in shape and upright. Placed under the turf, it is typically made of silica, quartz and rubber. Most infill types have anti-microbial properties, which kill harmful bacteria, prevent pet odors and minimize other turf-related health hazards. The infill also drains water quickly. This not only prevents water from stagnating but also keeps grass from getting slippery.

  1. Less Carbon Emissions

Natural grass requires regular mowing, which emits large amounts of carbon dioxide. Since synthetic turf stays the same height, you can take this task off your upkeep list and minimize the emissions of hazardous gases in your area.

  1. Chemical-Free

To make lawns insect-free, you need to spray pesticides. Many of these chemical solutions leave lingering emissions that are harmful not only to those in the immediate vicinity but also the environment. When you install artificial turf in Modesto, you eliminate the need for these harmful sprays.

  1. Less Stress

Owning a natural lawn is stressful because of the upkeep involved. You have to mow, water, fertilize and sweep it regularly to keep it looking healthy and lush. With an artificial lawn, you can get rid of these stressful tasks for good and spend more quality time relaxing with your family.

Artificial Grass Offers Many Health Benefits!

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