Lounging in your crystal-clear pool under the golden California sun is pure joy. One thing that can make it even better? Surrounding your pool with artificial turf in Modesto, CA!

5 Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Pools

Concrete, brick, and natural grass were some of the most popular materials for pool surrounds, but only until artificial grass came into the picture. Here’s why synthetic turf is the best choice for outdoor pools in California:

  1. Cooler surface than hardscape

Have you ever walked barefoot on brick or concrete on a hot day? It gets so hot, and it can burn bare skin and heat up the entire space. Imagine having such a surface surrounding your pool! Hot hardscape surfaces can quickly take the enjoyment out of relaxing or sunbathing by the pool area.

Fortunately, artificial grass can be installed over hardscape so you can have a gentle, cooler surface to walk on after taking a dip or making your way from the pool to the lawn.

  1. Safer to walk on

All that water from cannonballs and splashing about in the pool can make hardscape and natural grass slippery, making it more likely for people to slip and fall while moving around.

In contrast, artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA includes installing a drainage system under the turf. It efficiently drains pool water from the surface so that it doesn’t get a chance to make puddles or make the surface slippery.

  1. Cleaner than real grass

With artificial grass surrounding your pool, there’s no more grass clippings, dirt, pebbles, and other debris that can contaminate the clear water. Since you won’t need to use toxic pesticides, weedicides, and fertilizers, you won’t have to worry about contaminating the pool with lawn maintenance chemicals. It also dries fast, so no matter how many wet feet go in and out of your home, there’s no mud or dirt tracks to clean up when pool time is over.

  1. More savings

With constant watering, mowing, fertilizing, and other maintenance tasks, the costs of taking care of real grass can be very expensive.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, requires very minimal maintenance, so all that money that you used to sink into grass maintenance can now be spent elsewhere – such as fancier pool toys for your children, outdoor grill corner, gorgeous pool furniture, and other upgrades to the pool experience!

  1. More beautiful without the hassle

The vibrant emerald color and lush texture of artificial grass is the perfect complement to a backyard water feature. It enhances the landscape exactly like natural grass, but without the stressful and backbreaking maintenance needed to keep alive.

Upgrade Your Home with Artificial Grass

Our landscaping team here at Modesto Artificial Grass can sculpt a synthetic lawn around your pool and anywhere else in your home. Some other popular applications are pet runs, playgrounds for children, backyard sports courts, and putting greens in Modesto. We can even install artificial grass to enhance your indoor spaces!

Call Modesto Artificial Grass today at 209-297-8417 and discover the wonders of artificial grass!