Fire and most synthetic materials don’t mix. However, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about barbeque parties and outdoor gatherings around the fire pit when you have artificial turf in Modesto. It’s all about keeping some safety considerations in mind.

Critical Considerations for Grills, Fire Pits and Artificial Turf

Synthetic grass is fire-resistant. Even if hot embers and burning coals find their way on its surface, it won’t catch fire. However, the intense heat can melt a hole through the turf. Protect your artificial lawn from burns by considering these factors when you plan your grill or firepit setup:

The Proximity of the Synthetic Grass to the Equipment

Grills should never be placed directly on the artificial grass. Even if the turf can accommodate their weight well and endure the high foot traffic around them, the risk of burning coals falling on its surface is too significant to ignore.

Similarly, do not place synthetic grass close to the edges of firepits. Aside from the danger of flying embers, the high heat from the firepit can damage the turf beyond repair.

Synthetic turf must have a certain distance from fire equipment, preferably with some form of non-flammable hardscape in between to serve as a fire break. A patio made of stone, brick or gravel is a great example. Make it large enough to accommodate seating to keep your guests comfortable and protect your artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA, from burns.

Local Building Codes

While you can add a grill to your yard anytime and wherever you want, you may have to think twice when it comes to a fire pit installation.

Most cities limit the use of firepits in residential properties, so do your research before investing in one. In some areas, firepits must be at least 15 feet from flammable structures, such as houses, buildings, garages, and low-hanging branches. In others, the required distance is 10 feet.

Natural Vegetation

Aside from your artificial turf in Modesto, keep your grill or fire pit away from your natural greeneries as well. If there are any trees or shrubs close to your fire equipment, trim them before starting any fires. You can also tie their low-hanging branches away from the open flames. Relocate potted plants if necessary.

Fire Safety Accessories

Consider getting extra safety features for your grill or firepit. For instance, most hardware shops sell screens that you can attach to pits to help contain the open flames. Such precautions not only boost the safety of everyone close to the fire equipment, but it also reduces the risk of embers reaching your synthetic lawn.

Fire Removal Options

No matter how many fire prevention measures you have in place, it would help if you had several ways to extinguish a fire near your grill or fire pit. Keep a hose handy or invest in a fire extinguisher. That way, if smoking materials wind up on your synthetic lawn or putting greens in Modesto, you can put them out immediately.

Invest in Top-Quality Artificial Turf for Superior Fire Resistance

Add a grill or fire pit to your synthetic backyard, the safe way! Look to Modesto Artificial Grass for premium synthetic grass products that boast next-level fire resistance, durability and other amazing advantages. Let us help you pick the perfect turf for your grill or firepit setup. Call us now at 408-723-4954 for inquiries!