It’s not just dog parks and public spaces that sport artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA. Nowadays, even private homes are opting for synthetic grass especially households with pets. But what is it about artificial grass that makes it perfect for families and pets?

Artificial grass is perfect as a no-fuss alternative to a natural grass lawn. After the initial installation, it requires very little upkeep compared to a natural grass lawn. It also ensures a lush, well-manicured lawn all year round. It’s perfect for achieving the look of a well-tended lawn without spending hours tending to it. But what makes it ideal for pets too?

Safety First

More pet owners want to know if they should upgrade their homes and make the switch to artificial turf in Modesto. For any fur parent still on the fence about synthetic grass, here are three popular reasons why pet owners and their dogs like artificial grass.

No odor and bacteria build-up

Just like with natural grass, simply clean up dog waste on turf like normal. However, dealing with dog urine is very different between natural and artificial grass lawns.

With a natural grass lawn, the urine is left to seep into the ground. It cannot be flushed away and the area cannot be safely disinfected. This makes it likelier that unpleasant odors would develop in the area. The fouled area is also likelier to become a breeding ground for bacteria.

With artificial grass, simply wash away urine by hosing down the affected area. Follow it up with a mild disinfecting solution. It’s best to schedule a regular hose down and disinfecting of the synthetic grass to avoid the build-up of odors and bacteria. Maintaining this practice is especially important for households with dogs.

Does not harbor fleas and ticks

Choosing synthetic grass for Modesto CA yards lowers the possibility for flea and tick infestation. The conditions on turf are not conducive for the pests. They cannot live in or on the turf pile and there is no soil in which they could nest. This doesn’t mean, however, that fleas and ticks will be eliminated completely from the environment. It’s just that the conditions of a yard with artificial turf is not as ideal for pests to live in compared to a natural grass lawn. This makes it less likely for dogs to catch the pests while they run around and play in the yard.

Easy on the paws

The quality of ground covering is important when planning a dog-friendly yard. It should be easy to walk and run on as well as comfortable to lie on. Rocks and stones not only get too warm under the sun, they may also have sharp edges that could cut doggie paws. Natural grass may be a comfortable material but it is difficult to maintain and raises other health and safety concerns.

On the other hand, artificial grass installation for Modesto CA homes strikes a perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. With the variety of pile heights and densities to choose from, it’s easy to achieve the desired look for lawns while providing comfortable ground covering for canine family members.

Choose Grass that’s good for you and Your Dogs

It’s now easy to see why more pet owners keep their dogs safe and healthy by installing artificial grass in their homes. We’d like to help you make that happen for you and your dog too. Call us at 408-723-4954 for a free quote.