A safe, outdoor play space is one of the best gifts you can give your children. While natural grass may seem like the ideal choice, with its lush looks and soft surface, keep in mind that it’s not the easiest turf to maintain. Consider low-maintenance and more kid-friendly alternatives like artificial grass for easy installation in Modesto, CA.

Synthetic Turf is Kid-Friendly

Once you discover the benefits of artificial grass, you will never consider its natural counterpart for coverings and landscapes again. Here’s why more and more parents are relying on synthetic turf for their kids’ play spaces:

  • It is made specifically for playgrounds.

A playground —regardless of whether it has slides, seesaws and swings or is just made up of a huge vacant area— is a place for rambunctious fun.

Expect your kids to get into all sorts of mischief within its confines. However, it’s only all fun and games until someone gets hurt from a tumble. With a natural lawn, you also need to deal with the dirt and grass clippings that stuck to your little ones’ clothes after a day in the sun. These, however, are not a concern with a yard covered with synthetic turf.

Artificial grass has a softer impact surface compared to natural turf and the cork flooring used in most playgrounds. It’s soil-free, which means that dirt (and the harmful bacteria that it may contain) won’t stick to your children’s garments. Let your kids experience the playground atmosphere of your youth, minus the dirt, debris and wounds with synthetic turf!

  • It is pet-proof and pet-friendly.

Want to let your canine companions join in on the fun with your kids, but you’re not keen on doing tedious pet cleanups after outdoor playtimes? Invest in a pet-friendly synthetic turf.

With a surface made from the best artificial turf in Modesto, you don’t need to worry about bathing your dogs and conducting impromptu cleanups after outdoor playtimes. Since synthetic turf is soil-free, your canines won’t be tracking dirt and mud in the house.

If your pets have to answer nature’s call, their urine is easily eliminated thanks to the synthetic grass and infill’s proprietary drainage. Taking care of their solid waste is also made easier. You just need to pick it up and hose off the affected area to get rid of its traces and lingering odors. Lastly, your dogs will hardly be able to tell the difference between artificial and natural grass with the former’s innovative design.

  • It is non-allergenic.

One of the problems with natural lawns is the presence of pollen, especially during springtime. Insects carry pollen from flowers to grass and other plants, which can trigger allergies in some kids. Artificial grass for easy installation in Modesto, CA neither produces pollen nor attracts pollinators, making it a safer option for outdoor play spaces.

  • It is the perfect sports venue.

Want to get your kids into sports? Synthetic turf offers the perfect surface covering for various outdoor sports and games. Say you want to teach your kid how to play golf, you can create a court with artificial putting greens. With many varieties of synthetic turf dedicated to putting greens, football, baseball and other outdoor sports, you can easily give your kids their very own training ground.

Surprise Your Children with an Artificial Grass-Covered Play Space!

With beautiful synthetic turf, your kids will immediately put down their tablet and play games the old-school way. Avoid costly mistakes in turf installation by hiring experienced installers to do the task. Instead of investing in do-it-yourself putting greens in Modesto, get Modesto Artificial Grass to make your kid’s artificial grass playground a reality. Contact us now at 408-723-4954 for a FREE quote!