Synthetic grass in Modesto, CA is an excellent alternative to the real thing. Not only does it stay green throughout the year, but it also requires minimal maintenance to remain in top condition. Trim off costly and complicated grass care tasks from your lawn upkeep routine. Install artificial turf today to streamline your lawn maintenance processes!

How Artificial Turf Simplifies Lawn Upkeep

Maintaining a live lawn is a never-ending uphill battle. In addition to watering, weeding, fertilizing and mowing it regularly, you must also take active measures to ensure its surroundings stay ideal for its development. This may involve diagnosing and treating lawn diseases, applying pest control solutions and more.

Want a beautiful lawn without committing to a tedious maintenance routine? Invest in synthetic grass! Here’s how this versatile, evergreen groundcover reduces yard care tasks:

• It is synthetic.

Most lawn care tasks are essential because they keep natural grass healthy and green. Watering ensures turf hydration, weeding keeps the weeds from stealing the nutrients in the soil meant for the grass, applying chemicals prevents turf-destroying issues, and so on.

Since artificial grass in Modesto is not alive, it doesn’t require most of the upkeep tasks that the real thing demands. You can take off these tasks from your maintenance to-do list:

• Watering

• Weeding

• Trimming and mowing

• Applying weedicides, herbicides and pesticides

• Seasonal seeding

• Winterizing

• It comes with an efficient water drainage system.

Flooding is not an issue with top-quality artificial grass in Modesto. It comes with proprietary drainage that automatically absorbs and eliminates excess moisture. This not only keeps your yard flood- and puddle-free after rain, but it also keeps mosquitoes from turning your yard into their breeding ground. Hence, there’s no need to invest in insecticides during the rainy season.

• It is impervious to lawn diseases.

Even the most well-kept natural lawns are vulnerable to lawn diseases. Some infect significant portions of a yard overnight with the right conditions. Synthetic grass in Modesto, CA does not have this susceptibility, so you can take off costly preventive solutions and thorough checks from your upkeep to-do list.

• It is inhospitable to pests.

Pests love live lawns because they satisfy all the requirements of the ideal home. Not only are they are brimming with nutrients, but they also offer the perfect conditions for nesting and breeding. Fortunately, pests can’t get either of these benefits from synthetic turf. They’ll steer clear of your lawn of their own volition, eliminating the need to apply toxic pesticides.

• It can take a good rinsing and washing.

Unlike with natural grass, spills and pet waste are easy to clean off of synthetic turf. Just give the affected good area a good rinse. Don’t worry about flooding; the artificial grass’s proprietary drainage system will take care of the excess moisture. You can also use soapy water to get rid of lingering odors without worries damaging the grass.

Spend Less and Enjoy More with Synthetic Grass!

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