Achieving the lawn of your dreams is an uphill battle. Aside from doing tedious and time-sensitive upkeep chores, you also need to deal with recurring issues that can drag down the looks, safety, and functionality of your yard. Solve such problems for good with top-quality, outdoor artificial turf in Modesto!

Recurring Lawn Issues Solved by Synthetic Turf

No matter how much time you spend perfecting and carrying out your upkeep routine, issues can still crop up on your live lawn due to its dependence on its environment. It’s why even the most well-kept yards are not impervious to seasonal changes, turf diseases and other naturally occurring issues.

Never deal with such problems again when you go synthetic! Aside from unfavorable weather conditions and grass afflictions, artificial turf also offers a permanent solution to the following issues:

Pest Invasions

White grubs, cutworms, armyworms, sod webworms and billbugs are not the only destructive pests that frequent live lawns in California. Their natural predators, such as moles, skunks and raccoons, are never far behind. Never deal with them again when you replace your grass with outdoor artificial turf in Modesto.

Synthetic turf provides neither food nor shelter to grass-loving critters, which means bug-eating pests have no reason to hang out in your yard. It’s also tough enough to withstand the antics of moles and other digging vermin.

Weed Infestations

Tired of pulling out weeds and applying expensive weedicides to your lawn to keep it pristine? Synthetic turf holds the answer to your problem.

Artificial grass covers the ground completely and comes with a tough weed barrier to keep the invasive plants from breaking through the installation. Are weeds not notoriously persistent in your yard? Apply a strong weed control solution before laying down the artificial grass for additional growth prevention.

Uneven Grass Growth

Poor soil quality, inadequate irrigation, insufficient sunlight, pest infestations and harsh weather conditions are only some of the causes of inconsistent grass growth. It’ll take time to identify which is afflicting your lawn. Failure to determine the right one immediately can turn your pristine landscape into an unsightly mess of bald spots and thinning turf.

Ensure consistent grass growth all throughout your lawn with the best artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA. With proper upkeep, synthetic turf stays the same color, height and lushness throughout the year.

Water Puddles

Do puddles often form on your lawn after a heavy downpour or watering it? If so, the soil may not have the ideal draining capacity to ensure efficient moisture removal. If nothing is done to rectify this problem, puddles will become a common fixture in your yard, which will make its surface slippery, attract mosquitoes and promote mildew in your landscape.

Synthetic turf comes with an efficient drainage system, which automatically gets rid of moisture from its surface. It also doesn’t get slippery when wet and dries fast once the water is drained.

Enjoy a Problem-Free Lawn with Artificial Grass

Have a hassle-free lawn experience when you go synthetic. Find top-quality synthetic grass for yards, patios, porches, pool surrounds, pet runs, putting greens near Modesto and more here at Modesto Artificial Grass. We also specialize in synthetic turf installation and landscaping services. Call us now at 408-723-4954, and let’s get started on your project!