Whether you have a sprawling terrace or a small balcony, having a private outdoor space adds instant Zen to your days. A terrace is the ultimate luxury, especially for Californians who don’t have the leisure of a natural lawn. Instead, the low-maintenance, beautiful greenery of synthetic grass in Modesto, CA offers the perfect design solution.

How to Design Your Terrace with Artificial Grass

You want your terrace to be a sanctuary, not a chore. Who wants to think about mowing, watering, fertilizing and weeding while having a glass of wine on the terrace? Nobody.

For a no-hassle approach to terrace design, it’s hard to beat artificial grass. It requires almost no maintenance. With just a bit of rinsing and brushing, it stays as gorgeous as the day it was installed. It’s weather-resistant, long-lasting and soft to the touch.

On top of that, synthetic grass is incredibly versatile. Here are just a few ways to use it for terrace design:

  • Soft and Green Terrace Flooring

    Covered or uncovered, terraces are generally exposed to the elements. Artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA is one way to create weather-resistant flooring.

    You can cover the entire area with it, or place it under your designated sitting area. Arrange benches, chairs, ottomans and tables to have a complete outdoor living space. You can also place a couple of pillows on top for a cozy setup. Artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing, so it’s just like sitting on natural grass.

  • Complement Terrace Turf with Hardscape

    Want to channel that “paved lawn” aesthetic for your terrace? Mix decking or pavers with synthetic turf. Install the hardscape in different patterns like checkerboard, herringbone, and basketweave. Then, cover the rest of the floor space with synthetic turf. An elegant and practical way to dress up the space!

  • A Green Canvas for Your Terrace Garden

    If you’re growing a garden in one portion of your terrace, consider using artificial grass in Modesto as ground cover for that section. The vibrant turf creates a lovely, evergreen backdrop for plants and blooms.

    Does your terrace have walls? Channel that forest aesthetic by covering an entire vertical wall with artificial grass. Hang lights, small pots and other décor to complete the look.

More Way to Use Artificial Grass for Interior Design

Synthetic grass in Modesto, CA can be applied on just about any type of surface, including soil, wood and concrete. So, there’s almost no limit to the places that it can be installed on.

If you have excess turf after installation or simply want to add more greenery to your home, talk to your installer about using it for the following:

  • Create a synthetic garden
  • Green up your driveway
  • Canine enrichment pet run
  • Non-slip pool deck
  • Customized play areas
  • Turf-covered Rooftops
  • Backyard putting greens

Start Remodelling with Artificial Grass

Let’s bring the look and feel of nature to your home! Whether you want a new stress-free landscape, a pet paradise or a mini park for your little ones, we have everything you need to get it done. Call Modesto Artificial Grass today at 408-723-4954 for consultation and a free estimate!