Using synthetic turf for yards is becoming a great alternative to natural grass because of its many benefits. Modern technology has made most artificial grass fibers look and feel more natural. For the most genuine and pristine look, however, don’t settle for just any synthetic turf —choose a realistic artificial grass in Modesto!

The Realistic Turf Effect

Installing realistic synthetic grass gives more to your place than just a landscape with a natural feel. Here are some of its key benefits:

  • Pets and children will enjoy it

You don’t need to worry about detracting your dogs from playing on your synthetic grass surface. Artificial turf has that same grass feel that they are used to. Its proprietary drainage efficiently directs animal urine, rain, and other excess moisture down to the infill, lessening the stagnant water and unpleasant odors.

If you have kids, you can rely on the turf’s soft, cushioning surface to minimize scrapes, bruises, and other play-related injuries. Plus, artificial grass has non-allergenic properties, so you don’t have to worry about it causing allergies.

  • Better for grass putting layout

Integrating golfing greens and holes into your landscape is easier with premium synthetic grass in Modesto, CA compared to natural grass. Not only do you get a cleaner and more uniform look, but you’ll also be able to include as many holes on the green as you want. With artificial grass, golfer-homeowners can position themselves anywhere on the grounds for a putting shot.

  • Non-attractive to pests

Despite its realistic look, synthetic turf does not look attractive to pests. Insects depend on microbes and bacteria that are found in the soil. Since the artificial grass covers the soil, these critters have to look somewhere else. Thus, your beautiful turf is left undisturbed.

  • Soil-free grass

Natural grass needs a well-fertilized soil to maintain its vibrancy; artificial grass doesn’t. It remains green throughout the year regardless of the content of the earth underneath it. You also don’t have to worry about the dirt in the grass because it is way below the infill. If your pets come back into the house after a romp in your yard, they won’t have any dirt to drag into your home.

  • No more maintenance woes

Keeping a grass surface takes an immense amount of labor, patience, time, and money —unlike synthetic turf.  If you have artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, watering the grass, or adding fertilizer to the soil. You just need to clear off debris from its surface and rinse it with water occasionally.

  • Increased residence value

Covering your yard with realistic artificial grass in Modesto can make your property a sought-after place. The lifelike grass will make your house the talk of the town. If you’re planning to sell your place after a while, you stand to gain more because of its high value.

  • Durability and stability

Unlike with natural grass, you don’t need to worry about artificial grass breaking or wearing out quickly. Synthetic turfs typically carry an 8-15-year warranty, so you can be confident of their durability and longevity. Choose one that complements the other plants in your yard. Watch as it stays as green and “strong” as them with little maintenance.

Get the Best Synthetic Turf for Your Home

When choosing artificial turf for your home, go for a turf type that exudes realism and looks good on your lawn. Make sure to choose from a reputable installer as well.

When it comes to realistic natural turf products, Modesto Artificial Grass is the name to call. You can count on our team of specialists for high-quality grass options and seamless installations of pet-friendly synthetic turf and outdoor putting greens in Modesto, CA. Call 209-297-8417 now for a FREE quote on a grass installation!